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Well today was that dreaded holiday of...

Well today was that dreaded holiday of "loooove" Valentines day. I say dreaded because I'm sure many men cringe when it rolls around and many women panic wondering if they will have anyone special to spend it with. Well.. I for one, was a little torn this year. To care or not to care. That was the question and I've decided I'll take the latter of the two options.

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Many people want to say awwww Dani. Don't say that! You will have someone special, and it's about love Yadda yadda yadda. Valentines Day is hallmark and florists and restaurants dream come true. Its completely commercial and to me feels very fake. I for one HATE (HATE HATE) Red roses and babies breath because of valentines day. I've had and seen my fill of them. Its so over done and played out. I also like to feel special and I just don't see anything special about long waits at restaurants and corny boxes of chocolate, and cookie cutter bouquets, balloons and teddy bears. I can do without any of that crap.

What is so special about getting flowers on the same day that everyone else gets them? I don't want flowers like that or when my guy has done something wrong. Give me flowers when I least expect them. On a day just because I'm on your mind, and you think I should have them because you want to see a smile on my face.

Valentines day is supposed to celebrate love right!? So why spend it with someone you really aren't feeling like that? I have no interest in spending it with someone who I don't feel that way about. In my younger years I had some of the most beautiful elaborate valentines days with men that I could honestly care less about romantically because my heart wasn't in it. (Just being honest) On the other hand had some of the most simple honest and creative valentines days with someone who has made my heart go pitter patter and it meant the world, it was more special than any amount of money could have ever paid for. Just goes to show you that it's not about the activities or what you do it's about the person you do it with. Like the old saying goes. Money can't buy you love.

I realize that Valentines day puts a lot of pressure on both men and women. Pointlessly if you ask me. I've decided for myself not to celebrate the holiday anymore. While I'm single as well as when I am with someone special from now on. If we love each other everyone will know it and we will show it through our actions and decisions every day, not just on the day that superstores and card companies say we should.

I think too many put too much on this holiday that really has nothing at all to do with love. Love is not to be celebrated on one day a year, with flowers candy dinner and bears. Love is not about what you can get it's about what you can give. Not giving to get a reward, but to bless and uplift someone else. Love is self LESS it is a blessing in itself to the giver and receiver.

I will not and do not participate in this day because in my opinion it does NOT represent love. Its a day of selfishness. Its a day of "I got" and "I want" it's not authentic, it's not romantic! Its childish and it's something I can live without it.

I will NEVER celebrate this day unless I happen to get married on that day and it's my anniversary. Otherwise I'll pass thanks!

I'm not bitter. I guess I'm just growing up and I no longer want to place much weight on what I find to be artificial. With that I say

Happy Valentines Day!

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