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Abraham chose to believe that God would keep His covenant

Abraham chose to believe that God would keep His covenant, even if he couldn't understand or see God's greater plan.

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As shown by Abraham, faith is not a leap into uncertainty with hopes of reaching God's presence. On the other hand, FAITH is the bridge between human existenceanddivine permanence. By the bridge of faith, we cross over thedivide of our limited, human understanding and vision in order to draw closer to God. Even though our own human capabilities have not changedwe still can't predict the future nor we cannot see the full state of our circumstances, etc.we trust that God has the perfect view of all eternity. God leads, and so we follow.

Having faith is not about ignoring our minds completely, but it's the choice to grasp onto the hand of our Father as a toddler would grasp her daddy's fingers. She knows that her daddy loves her, and so she loves and trusts him. She chooses to grasp onto his hand because she KNOWS that he will love, protect, and guide her through whatever may come their way. On her own, she is defenseless, but with her daddy's hand grasping hers, she is free from fear and confident through the warmth of his presence.

Today I dare you to grasp onto our Heavenly Father's hand in the same way. He is greater than any obstacle that stands in our way. With His heavenly perspective, not only does He see our obstacles as molehills, but He also sees what lies beyond them. Through clinging to His hand, He will lead, direct, and guide us through the mountains and the valleys of life; there is nothing that can threaten God's hold, not even death.

Today I dare you to cross over the divide of doubt by the bridge of faith. Spend time with Him through reading the Bible and seeking Him in the beauty and power of creation. If you still doubt, pray that He would soften your heart, quiet your speculative mind, and cure your unbelief. Grasp onto the hand of our Father stretched out to you, and live guided by His infinite perspective, wisdom, and love!

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