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Moving with College Students

You are moving and you have a high school senior or perhaps a college student. Cost can be a contributing factor as to where your child may attend college or if they will transfer to another college. Much of the information can be found at the click of a mouse or with a few quick phone calls. Its just a matter of knowing who to contact.

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For current college students:

Focus on how you can keep in-state tuition: Many schools give you a grace period. This information is typically located on the university website along with the requirements that must be met for in-state tuition. Examples may be:

    • Having a permanent residence for a minimum number of months. An option could be renting an apartment for the remainder of their college years. They could take summer courses, work or have an internship there in the summer, and designate it their residence, putting utilities in their name, and obtaining a drivers license and voters registration for that address.


    • If they have a car, there are considerations to make regarding how to register and insure the vehicle. Some states require vehicle inspections before they will issue a renewal of your license plates. You should speak to your auto insurance company or your personal representative, and inquire about the most cost-effective solution. Your state DMV website also has information regarding the requirements.

High School College-bound Seniors

Contact your new high school - If you have a rising senior, as soon as you have an address in the new location one of your initial calls should be to their new high school. The office secretary will be able to give you the information you need to enroll your child in the school district. Many of the required forms are now on the school websites. Make sure you have a copy of your childs transcript, and make an appointment to speak to a guidance counselor. He or she will help you enroll your child in the classes necessary to complete your childs requirements for graduation.

State Colleges or Universities The Question of In-State/Out-of-State Tuition

Reciprocity -Some states have reciprocity with neighboring states regarding in-state status for tuition. With reciprocity, a student may attend a college or university in a neighboring state and pay the same tuition as a resident of the state. However, depending upon where you are attending, certain criteria must be met. These regional associations have general undergraduate tuition reciprocity agreements established. You may view the websites and search reciprocity or contact the regional association directly.

Scholarships Your high school guidance or college placement office may have information on scholarships offered. If moving to a different state check the schools website affiliated with the guidance counselor or call and ask about information for their state.

Suggested Forms and College Board Testing:

Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA form every year whether you think you qualify or not to see what type of funding grants or scholarship your child may qualify for. Each state has different deadlines for submission some as early as January 31.

In addition, if you are not sure which region of the country your child will attend, have them take both types of standardized tests ACT/SAT. This will ensure that they will meet the requirements for admission.

Community colleges also offer students an opportunity to complete an associates degree program or two-year course of study. If certain criteria are met, the student can enter a 4-year institution as a transfer student to complete their bachelors degree. Check out the school websites, or contact an enrollment counselor at the university to find out if this type of program is available.

Options are available; it's just a matter of asking questions and doing a little research.

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