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Its 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon and I'm just getting up. Knowing the...

Its 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon and I'm just getting up. Knowing the night before I would never make it in for a 9am lecture, I abandoned the idea and stayed up until dawn having a laugh with mates.

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While I'm sure I should recommend you attend all your lectures and do all your reading in third year it is just not going to happen. Youve seen and done it all before. Nights out, procrastination and lie-ins then you catch everything up online and nobody is any the wiser.

You did it in first year, you carried on in second year and there's no sign of stopping now. Of course, for those few conscientious students who dot every I and cross every T I apologise. Carry on as you are. Youre destined for a better class of degree than us mere mortals.

Final year can be a daunting prospect for a lot of students. Its not so much the workload though. Sure, there are essays, projects, lectures and reading. Sure, it matters a lot towards your degree. But that's not the big concern.

Your concern will be the realisation that you're moving on when the year is up. You will move on to new friends and possibly new cities. All year you'll be stuck with the knowledge that university is coming to an end. Youll plan masters and PhD courses, internships and careers and whenever you plan the next step you'll be reminded that your days here are coming to an end.

Of course, you're going to have to move on and leave uni eventually and a lot of final year will be spent deciding what you'll do. I can't discuss further education in much detail as it is very course-specific and will be different for everyone. However, for those of us planning on a gap year, there's a host of possibilities.

Personally, I plan on travelling. Packing a bag and tent and heading off over the horizon. Youll hear that it's ideal to do something relevant to your future, but sometimes you just need a break. After decades of education, make sure to plan in some downtime. Go travelling, see your family, plan holidays, take up hobbies and reconnect with old friends.

You know better than anyone else what will be most effective. Dont forget, you'll need to be able to support yourself financially should you opt for a gap year too. There will be no more student loan and overdraft to look after you and unless you're going on to a career that's making some use of your degree, I don't recommend getting stuck in a dead-end job to pay the bills. Perhaps look for part-time hours, bar work or tutoring students. Certainly, bar work and teaching can support you wherever you choose to go in the world.

Theres no easy way to write a summary of final year. Everyones experiences will be different. From the friends you have to your nights out, societies, degree discipline the student experience is very much unique to the individual. Maybe you'll have to get your head down, maybe you'll breeze it. Maybe you'll get a place on your dream course, maybe you'll miss out and be left plan-less next year. All I can recommend is whatever hand you're dealtmake the most of it.

Plus there is a second article reviewing multiple guides to gap year options and career guides which can be found here.

This article was written by Samuel Shields who is the author of his own student orientated blog which can be found hereor by clicking the banner below!

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