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The Gratitude Difference

Nothing is better than celebrating a victory with family and friends. When I got the acceptance phone call from Western University of Health Science my Mom and I literally stopped the car and let out a joyful scream. I was overjoyed to tell my family and friends that I get to be a physician. This picture was taken in Eugene just days later. My best friend gave me my first pair of scrubs to celebrate. I love the Thanksgiving turkey in this photo because that is exactly how I felt. Thankful for the journey to get to this point, thankful for right where I am now and thankful for all that my future holds.

Thankfulness in my life is directly related to gratitude. During my long and hard journey to medical school entrance I daily made the conscious decision not to let stress consume me. I was granted the amazing privilege of attending college on a full ride scholarship through the Ford Family Foundation. To me this was an opportunity not to be taken for granted. This amazing gift combined with being a survivor of intensive brain surgery helped me be thankful for school and all the stress it produced instead of letting my circumstances overwhelm me.

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One of the behaviors which has most allowed me to be thankful was the ability to be grateful for right where I was every day. Each day on my way to school I would ride my bike thinking just how awesome school and my ability (and desire) to study is. So many people around the world don't have the opportunity to pursue higher education, so I chose to daily be grateful for it. In every class I took no matter if I liked it or not I chose to be grateful to be there. I would force myself to engage in the content and get to know my professors. Approaching school with an attitude of gradated resulted in me being passionate and excited about all the material I encountered. My joy for school was evident to everyone around me and resulted in new friendships and fantastic relationships with my professors, who strongly appreciated my enthusiasm for their classes.

Choosing to be grateful results in thankfulness which, for me, turned into happiness for right we're I was, which has oozed into of every aspect of my life. Chose to be grateful my friends. Grateful for family, all my friends, the food in my home the clothes on my back and roof over my head. Be grateful, my friends, it changes things.

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