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Im six months into my twelve month blog...

Im six months into my twelve month blog (and personal transformation). So I'm taking a moment to be reflective by dedicating this week's post to the bigger picture.

I saw an extraordinary photo that was taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1990 from a distance of about 6 billion kilometres (3.7 billionmiles) from Earth. In the photograph, Earth is shown as a tiny pale blue dot, about 0.12 pixels in size, suspended in a sunbeam in the centre right of the photo.

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Many who look at this photograph may interpret it as a reminder of how insignificant we are when we view our small planet in the context of space. However for me I have the opposite reaction. It makes think about how extraordinary and precious this planet, and the life on it is.

Many religious faiths have differing theories about what happens after we die, but for me I suspect that we may have the same level of consciousness and self awareness that we had before we we're born (zilch).

Seeing our planet as a tiny dot in space makes me wonder if a life on Earth is the real divine experience. What if this is heaven? What if all the humans that ever lived are the lucky ones to have been granted a short stint in paradise?

Of course not everyone's time on Earth is great. Many very unlucky people and animals experience hell on Earth for no apparent reason. This leads me to rationalize that if this life is indeed the exceptionally lucky and divine experience, we must make sure it is.

That is probably the best explanation as to why I do things like donating to the investigation into the building collapse in Bangladesh. Why I believe in a more compassionate approach for refugees and asylum seekers. Why I try and buy fair trade food. Why I join campaigns against animal cruelty in our food system. Why I campaign for environmental causes that are ultimately in the interest of our own health. I have trouble distinguishing any difference between any of these issues because I see them all as an effort to make life on this tiny Earth a little less horrible.

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