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There Is No Love Without Forgiveness

We will all experience betrayal in personal & romantic relationships. The speech in the clip I've included below said it best.

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"We must Learn to seize the moment because we can never go back . You have to live for what is not for what was or could have been. What will be no one can say. Sometimes We just have to step out on faith and believe that what you have built together is worth preserving because when you are made for each other. Its definitely worth preserving."

Are we honestly blind to the fact that love can not exist without forgiveness? Why do we find it so much easier to leave someone that we love so deeply than we do to forgive them for hurting us? Allowing it to justify why we walk away from our marriages & break our families up, or prevent us all together from spending the rest of our lives with someone we could clearly love for the rest of our days who makes our heart smile? Is the fact that your lover had ONE NIGHT SPENT IN THE ARMS OF ANOTHER WORTH spending the rest of your life without them? Think about it! THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! REALLY!!! REALLY??? smh. Learn how to forgive lovies because time is running out! You're not getting any younger and you will NEVER find a PERFECT man or woman. You ARENT so why do you expect someone else to be? I call people like that Hypocrites! Dont be "THAT" Just be real and really think about this. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU NEEDED SOMEONE TO FORGIVE YOU?? Honestly! The sooner that we all begin to realize that there is no Love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love The sooner we see that the two are inter connected and stop penalizing each other for being HUMAN and perfectly imperfect then the sooner we will actually see a return of love in our society and the sooner we will see beautiful couples, relationships, marriages and families out number the masses of single miserable broken hearted never married lonely 30, 40 50 year olds.

Watch this clip and ask yourself Could I do that? Try to identify all the examples of love and forgiveness in this clip. Try to find a time where love was shown without forgiveness or forgiveness without love? If you see one, please let me know.

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Posted in Care and counselling Post Date 10/17/2016