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Roza Nozari


Registered Clinical Social Worker


  • Relationship Issues
  • Family Conflict
  • Anxiety

I am a queer Muslim femme and settler of colour with roots in feminist organizing and community-based healing practices.

I provide psychotherapy and counselling to individuals and couples. My practice is informed by my ever-deepening understandings of anti-oppression, anti-racism, intersectional feminism and decolonization. I draw from politicized narrative therapy, neurobiological and body-based approaches, mindfulness, traditional talk therapies, and systemic analyses.

“Sometimes, healing is learning to honour our messy, imperfect selves.”

My work is a combination of exploration and practice. I support my clients in exploring the roots of their lived experiences, un-earthing the stories they’ve inherited and the survival skills they’ve built to cope. I use both narrative and embodied practices to support my clients with re-storying, re-writing and re-defining the stories that no longer feel supportive or nourishing. I also works with couples to support challenges around communication, conflict and re-building connection, amongst others.

I would describe my presence as warm, compassionate and honest. I warmly invite everyone to come as they are, wherever they are.

I work primarily in the following areas: relationship challenges; family conflict; anxiety and stress; depression; self-acceptance and self-esteem; grief and loss; trauma and PTSD; and, cultural/racial/intergenerational trauma.

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