Yasmin Kowlessar, MA, RP (Qualifying)

Yasmin Kowlessar, MA, RP (Qualifying)


Registered Psychotherapist (Q)

Yasmin is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She earned her Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from McGill University and her honours BA from Western University, where she Specialized in Psychology. 

Yasmin is a queer, Trinidadian-Canadian cis woman who combines her knowledge of psychology with her radical politics, intersectional feminist values, and lived experiences in her work with clients. She approaches her work through an anti-oppressive framework to assist clients in understanding how systems (including their immediate families and wider socio-political structures) may have contributed to current challenges, in order to facilitate insight and cultivate empowerment. 

Much of Yasmin’s experience has been in supporting queer people with intersecting identities, including LGBTQ+ folks who live with disabilities or mental illness, racialized queer folks, and LGBTQ+ folks who are newcomers to Canada. Yasmin works to support her clients in adopting mental wellness, exploring queer and racial identity formation, understanding intergenerational trauma, navigating issues related to body image and dysphoria, and negotiating relationship challenges. 

Yasmin welcomes clients of any cultural background and gender identity.  She believes in queer liberaton across all intersections, and is fat-positive, gender-affirming, kink- and fetish-informed, and sex-worker positive. 

Above all, Yasmin celebrates her clients and works collaboratively alongside them to process historical and current lived experiences, to identify avenues for change, and to support marginalized folks in healing in a way that feels right for them.