Nicole Zouki, MEd Candidate

Nicole Zouki, MEd Candidate, Student Therapist




Nicole is a counselling graduate student in her final year at the University of Toronto. She is completing a master’s degree in counselling and psychotherapy with a collaborative degree in sexual diversity studies. She has earned two bachelor degrees from the University of Western Ontario, including an honours BA in psychology. Her research focussed on sexual communication and negotiation tactics utilized by BDSM practitioners.

Nicole is a queer cisgender woman and settler with Lebanese ancestry. She has experience supporting folks around the topics of anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, family/relationship issues, sexuality, and gender. She has had the honour of working as a sex and kink educator for the last six years, teaching workshops with a focus on communication, harm-reduction, and pleasure. Additional topics of interest have included radical body acceptance, navigating non-monogamy, and online dating. Her work is rooted in anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, intersectional feminist values and informed by community collaboration, lived experience, and her studies.

Nicole approaches each session with compassion, humility, and curiosity. She seeks to build an authentic connection with her clients and to co-create a space where no topic feels off-limits. The journey of healing and self-discovery looks a bit different for everyone, and Nicole advocates that each person deserves individualized care that addresses their unique needs and goals. She looks forward to accompanying her clients on that journey so that they can make sense of it together.