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Wondersome Storytime is a resource for parents and teachers to help introduce the wonders of children's literature. Each posting will include the storyline of a favorite book,target age group and at least 2 activities to enhance the reader's and/or listener's learning and enjoyment.So, whether you are a mom snuggled on the couch with your 3 year old or a preschool teacher joining your class in the story circle, I hope that this blog will help to make your StoryTime experience Wondersome.

Bunny Love - The Runaway Bunny

The Runaway Bunny

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Laptime: toddler - kindergarten

Story Circle: preschool - kindergarten

This is a sweet story. This is the kind of story that you read snuggled on the couch and follow it with a hug and a kiss. Margaret Wise Brown captures love in her story of a little bunny who threatens to run away only to find that there is nowhere that he can go that his mother's love won't follow.

Laptime Activities

  1. Play the if you are then I will game - The child says something that they want to be such as, "I will be a book." Then the parent can answer, "Then I will be a librarian and put you in my library." or "I will be a tooth" and "Then I will be the toothbrush that keeps you clean". It can turn into a very silly game but it gets everybody thinking.
  2. Eat carrots for snack.

Story Circle Activities

  1. Make a family love collage. Cut out pictures of children with parents, grandparents, siblings, pets and glue them into a collage. You can make a big collage on butcher paper to hang in your classroom or single collages for each child to take home.
  2. Draw pictures of families. Children's families are often different but every child has someone in their family that is special to them. Ask each child to draw a picture of themselves with a special family member and then let them show their picture and tell about that family member.


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Honourable Mentions - One of my personal favorites.

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