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School Shooting Tragedy Beyond Comprehension

Join me to remember and mourn the victims and pray for their family

Like so many others around the world today I have been effected by the shocking news of twenty innocent children being killed in a school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut USA. My first thoughts we're this was some kind of a hoax and when I came to grips with the reality of the tragedy I cried.

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Beyond Comprehension

Just like the September eleven terrorist attacks, how does one comprehend and deal with such a heartbreaking & shocking tragedy. I lost a son 10 years ago and still have trouble dealing with his passing, so I am now feeling for all the victims families and loved ones. They will need all the prayers and support they can get and their lives will never be the same. It was only a few days ago I did a post about teaching kids how to catch fish, well this has really hit home for me as I think about kids having fun as they go through their lives.

Please join me as I pray and poor out my thoughts for all the victims and their families directly effected by the school shooting. You may even want to do as I have done this morning, give your kids a big hug and tell them how much you love them or call the ones not with you. I will make this a short post as I am still trying to comprehend the news report and will be back with the other fishing post I was going to publish , I just felt I needed to vent my feelings today.

Thinking of all effected today...

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Posted in Care and counselling Post Date 03/12/2017