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Growing up as a girl...

This article was requested by a reader and does not reflect the circumstances of my life or anyone else's life whom I know.

Growing up as a girl can be very complicated for so many reasons. There are situations and events that girls have to endure that are nothing like what men have to go through. Healthy relationships are an important aspect in any individual's life, but when it comes to the relationship between a father and daughter, it is much more significant.

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There has been many experiments conducted that show that a father figure is important in the life of a girl. The lack of a father figure can lead to trust, abandonment, and commitment issues in future relationships. When thinking of the possibility that one's daughter could grow up to suffer from relationship problems, the idea seems absolute. The issues also may not take their place until a girl is in a committed relationship that is when the past unveils itself.

Some, and most, situations cannot be prevented by the daughter. Separation and divorce happens and it is usually out of the child's control. Fathers even leave before a baby is born, which leaves a daughter unable to prevent the feelings of abandonment. It is hard for a father and daughter to rekindle a lost relationship, but it is not hard for a father to start and end with a good relationship and bond between him and his daughter.

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